About Jacob Wade

My Story

I’m Jacob Wade, and I gave up on the “American Dream.”

There’s nothing wrong with going to college, working hard, and build a life you LOVE, but I found out that the typical dreams of previous generations are now designed to keep you TRAPPED, and do not allow the Freedom to live life on your own terms.

Through a decade of intentional saving, planning and choices, we realized that we could step off the highway of the typical American life, and jump on the road less traveled. 

I want to share the lessons we learned along the way, and show how YOU can build a Roadmap to Financial Freedom.

Who Is Jacob?

I’m just a regular guy with a passion for helping people understanding HOW MONEY WORKS.

I’ve also done a few crazy things in my life:

I am on a MISSION to spread the message of Financial Freedom, and to show that you can build a life you WANT, while still living a life you LOVE.

I have been writing about personal finance since 2012, and helping others make Better Money Decisions as a Money Coach since 2013. 

I have been featured as a money expert in many national publications such as Yahoo! FinanceCBS NewsMSN Money, Forbes, Go Banking Rates, NasdaqAOL Finance, and more.

I continue to reach tens of thousands of people on my website iHeartBudgets, and you can follow me daily on Instagram and Facebook!

Need A Speaker? Financial Educator?

Work With Jacob!

Jacob’s passion to help the next generation achieve Financial Freedom goes beyond the traditional American Dream. Jacob ignites transformational CHANGE in the lives of young adults, to dream BIGGER, and to build a life they don’t want to escape from.